8 de mayo de 2013

Pamela Hat + Faux Fur Coat Combo

I know ... it's been a long time , Im SO sorry for leaving you guys like that! My life has quite changed this past year and half ... I moved to New York and as you could have imagined , as a fashionista, I totally fell in love with this city. During the winter, the past February  I got the chance to assist to the New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ... and it was one of the best experiences I ve had in my life, went to a few shows, got free beauty supplies and did a little celebrity sightseen (almost killed Jason Wu while walking towards the bathroom and tripped with him!) After that fantastic experience I went to Central Park with my beloved fashion photographer friend Gerry Hanan and took a few pics ... This are the results

Now Let me tell you a little bit about my outfit ... I have always wanted a Pamela hat, for years, but couldnt find any in Argentina. The first week I was in NYC I discovered the H&M on fifth avenue and 45nd, a few block away from Grand Central, and they were doing this huge sale and there it was ... $7 price tag ... love at first sight. I didnt even tried it! (Because I had this huge top knot on my head) and it happened to fit perfectly!

The coat its another story ... I have been obssesed with Faux fur leopard coats since I discovered Edie Sedgwick when I was 16 , and then I saw "Factory Girl" and I just knew I NEEDED one of those. Fnally a winter sale in Forever 21 brought this beauty to my closet for just $29.

Well ... Im sorry girls for this year and half gap ... the good news is my personality and dressing have evolved in space speeds lol , so you will definitly see me around here a lot ... Can't wait to hear from you!



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