25 de octubre de 2011

My so beloved wildcard

Ladies! How did you weekend went? Hope you are all OK and full with new outfit pics to show!
Today I decided to create a new section of this blog: The Wildcards, I guess that all my readers as fashionistas are familiar with the concept of a wildcard. There are classic wildcards (LBD, Blazer, Nude Pumps, Pearly white shirts, etc) and personal wildcards, those that you cannot imagine living without , and these are the  type of wildcards I will be showing in this section.

My first wildcard is the BLACK LEATHER JACKET. Let's be honest ladies ... I dare you to find something that doesn't fit with a black leather jacket. Floral dresses, leather leggings, jeans, shorts, skirts, anything goes!

Designers love them, celebrities love them, no matter where or when the biker or rocker look always fits! I have even wore this jacket with night gowns!

As for me, Im an ecologist, so I do not use fur or leather. So my beloved jacket is made of ecological leather. I live in a city with beaches, but most of the time is cold and windy, so this jacket becomes my best friend during winter, night or day , I would totally freeze without it.

As I was wearing abold black shirt I decided to wear my silver necklace, this is just a simple daily look, nothing too fancy ... a red nail polish always works to light up a widow-ish look lol , and please notice that I was wearing curls!! Yeah, I often wear my natural curls even tough they are quite hard to control ....


So, what happens when the sun goes down and you live in a freezin city like mine? (Yeah ... I dont call it a wildcard for nothin people!) In this particular night, I wore one of my favorite items for nightime: Liquid Leather Leggings, yeah .... edgy! but if you wear them carefully u can be safe from the whole slutty thing that sorrounds this fashion trend (specially in south america) Im telling you, this leggings deserve a whole post!!

This beautiful blouse ( yeah, you can't notice the shape of it with the jacket on, but Im gonna show it to you guys in some other post) was designed by me and made with the help of my lovely grandma Lili <3. The gold tiara Im wearing .... well that was quite a find! I went to a little shop that sells accesories , and there it was, really cheap, no one liked it! but I instantly loved it! Once i wore it, everyone kept tellin me how good it looked! It has little leaves kind of helenistic ....

Well my beloved readers I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to hear from you soon! I received e mails, facebook inbox and fashiolista messeges talking about the blog and I absolutely loved it! =)
Have a nice tuesday!



Ps: You thought I forgot about the video? Here you have a little music inspiration to rock this trend!

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  1. great photos, i love your blog :)

  2. me encantaron tus propuestas y los looks!!
    Es la primera vez q visito tu blog y me gusto mucho!!
    Voy a estar regresando seguido :)
    Cuidate mucho!

  3. Gracias Melisa!!! =) en breve estaré posteando cosas nuevas =) t sigo!

  4. oooh i want it all lol. Great post