9 de mayo de 2013

The Military Jacket

I remember when I was a kid my mom had this green military jacket with matching pants which she called "cazadora" and she was always wearing it, she had this kind of infatuation with this jacket that made me curious.

I had never had one of this in my life, to be honest I actually wanted one when I was a punk teenager like ten years ago, but eventually I grew up and forgot all about it ...

I started watching the trend on streetstyle blogs and even though I loved it immediately I just couldnt wrap my finger around it ...
Then I saw this beauty hanging on a rack at Forever 21 and suddenly the pieces fit together and I could see it matching with everything!

It has a variety of studs on it, and the length is just perfect to cover a little booty but still not look like a hunter.
The military jacket its a good option to make a edgy piece a little more laid back ... I got this leopard printed dress at H&M for $10 and I matched it with a pair of Wanted studded booties that I got at Burlington's for $14. 

But it was still too dressy for a morning walk on the MET so I put on my military jacket ... when I see the pics I do realize it makes me look a little chubby and maybe I should have paired the dress with a short leather jacket but still I like the safari look it brings up when pulled together. 

I have also found a Hans Christian Andersen statue in the Water Reservoir in Central Park and had a little fun picking his nose hehe

How do you ladies pull out the Military trend?

Here you have a little theme music to get inspired ...



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