16 de mayo de 2013


One of the great things about living in New York City its that you get to see experience fashion everyday, on the streets, on the runways, on the fashion district and window shopping ... and if u get lucky you can even meet the faces behind that daily fashion ...
Today was one of those days, I got to meet the legendary Betsey Johnson at an event at Macy's, hosted by the lovely Micah Jesse.

Micah and me

It was the launch of the new summer collection which was colorful, vivid and girly, very Betsy. There was a lot of american flag themed items: tote bags, beach bags, wallets,etc. and a lot of red and blue lacey and puffy dresses as always.

Very patriotic model

I loved every item on it, specially the lace and pearls dress on this picture (which the girl right behind me won in the raffle!)

The event was very well performed and very well organized, you had to make a line and wait for your turn, once you got there they gave you a pink tote bag with the sparkly name of BJ on it and a compact mirror ...

Yes, the mirror says "You look too cute!"

Fooling around while waiting

Then, you got to this area , with balloons and a pink sofa where Betsy was, I got to speak with her and she was very cheerful, when I told her I was from Argentina she was surprised, and sent greetings to all her fans there, there was no cameras allowed at that point, but they took your picture with her and then they print it out for you as a souvenir in the blink of an eye!

Betsey and me :)

All in all, I had a great time, met great people and once again got carried away by the magic of NYC ...

Hope you enjoyed the post, Sorry I could give you guys anymore pics but they were pretty pushy in that matter ...

Do you own a BJ? Do you like the new collection?


13 de mayo de 2013

Heart-Shaped glasses

This love story started back when I was 15 years old and discovered Stanley Kubrick's "Lolita", I've read the book before but the movie ... it was marvelous. Sue Lyon was so perfect, almost like a porcelain doll, and she had this cute heart shaped glasses ... funky, girly and retro, I had to have those.

Unfortunally, in Argentina, I wasn't able to find them, years after that, I got into Ebay and ordered a pair ... When I got them on the mail I wasn't very sure of wearing them on the street, but a few months later they became a total fashion hit (even Urban Outfitters launched them!)

When I bought them a few years ago I opted for the black ones, but I'm definitely getting a pair of the red ones for next summer.

Even my beloved George embraced the heart-shaped shades back in the Free Love era ...

I think we should all embrace our inner Lolita and pull this cuties out , even if we don't have Lyon's perfectly symmetric face, we are young only once.

Get Inspired!!



9 de mayo de 2013

The Military Jacket

I remember when I was a kid my mom had this green military jacket with matching pants which she called "cazadora" and she was always wearing it, she had this kind of infatuation with this jacket that made me curious.

I had never had one of this in my life, to be honest I actually wanted one when I was a punk teenager like ten years ago, but eventually I grew up and forgot all about it ...

I started watching the trend on streetstyle blogs and even though I loved it immediately I just couldnt wrap my finger around it ...
Then I saw this beauty hanging on a rack at Forever 21 and suddenly the pieces fit together and I could see it matching with everything!

It has a variety of studs on it, and the length is just perfect to cover a little booty but still not look like a hunter.
The military jacket its a good option to make a edgy piece a little more laid back ... I got this leopard printed dress at H&M for $10 and I matched it with a pair of Wanted studded booties that I got at Burlington's for $14. 

But it was still too dressy for a morning walk on the MET so I put on my military jacket ... when I see the pics I do realize it makes me look a little chubby and maybe I should have paired the dress with a short leather jacket but still I like the safari look it brings up when pulled together. 

I have also found a Hans Christian Andersen statue in the Water Reservoir in Central Park and had a little fun picking his nose hehe

How do you ladies pull out the Military trend?

Here you have a little theme music to get inspired ...



8 de mayo de 2013

Pamela Hat + Faux Fur Coat Combo

I know ... it's been a long time , Im SO sorry for leaving you guys like that! My life has quite changed this past year and half ... I moved to New York and as you could have imagined , as a fashionista, I totally fell in love with this city. During the winter, the past February  I got the chance to assist to the New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ... and it was one of the best experiences I ve had in my life, went to a few shows, got free beauty supplies and did a little celebrity sightseen (almost killed Jason Wu while walking towards the bathroom and tripped with him!) After that fantastic experience I went to Central Park with my beloved fashion photographer friend Gerry Hanan and took a few pics ... This are the results

Now Let me tell you a little bit about my outfit ... I have always wanted a Pamela hat, for years, but couldnt find any in Argentina. The first week I was in NYC I discovered the H&M on fifth avenue and 45nd, a few block away from Grand Central, and they were doing this huge sale and there it was ... $7 price tag ... love at first sight. I didnt even tried it! (Because I had this huge top knot on my head) and it happened to fit perfectly!

The coat its another story ... I have been obssesed with Faux fur leopard coats since I discovered Edie Sedgwick when I was 16 , and then I saw "Factory Girl" and I just knew I NEEDED one of those. Fnally a winter sale in Forever 21 brought this beauty to my closet for just $29.

Well ... Im sorry girls for this year and half gap ... the good news is my personality and dressing have evolved in space speeds lol , so you will definitly see me around here a lot ... Can't wait to hear from you!