19 de octubre de 2011

Born in the USA

Like Bruce Springsteen used to sing, it seems like everybody was Born in the USA nowadays! The USA flag print is here to stay, at least for this season. This print can be found in purses, shirts, shorts, shoes, boots, skirts and whatever u can imagine, lately we have seen the gorgeous Kate Bosworth rockin this trend in the Glastonbury, while those who were teens in the 80's can remember Springsteen or Lauper produly wearing their USA flag ....

But lately, the British Flag has also make a revival, and those readers who are my age will actually remember Ginger Spice wearing those tight dresses with the british flag printed on them. Well ... I would wear that kind of dress, but I do have a bit of Britain in my wardrobe , designer labels like Alexander McQueen, have adopted this trend for almost every accesory they are able to produce! Here are some of my favorites ....

The little satchel with the skull is from Alexander Mc Queen's collection, I absolutely fell for it! even though Im not a skull person. 

As regards my own wardrobe, I wasnt able to find any of this trends back when they jsut pumped into the fashion system this year, it took me weeks to actually find a t shirt with a flag! Hopefully I got two of them, one with the USA flag and one with the British flag, Im wearing them with the liquid leather leggins in both of the pictures because it was winter time and it was quite cold , but I do combine them with jeans, shorts or high waited skirts.

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