20 de octubre de 2011

Music is my Aeroplane

Most of the teenagers goes thru that fase where you wear all black and nothing but band tees. Well ... if u were one of those, you better start looking for those old shirts in ur closet because it has become the latest trend in the streetwear fashion. Models, actresses and singers have been spotted all around the world wearin shirts of band iconic bands like Joy Division, Rolling Stones, The Police, Guns n Roses, etc ...

The perfect combination for the band tee is the leather jacket, no doubt about it, but if you are more naif and u don't want to go to the edge of punk rocker, jean jackets or plaid shirts can become a good choice. As for myself, I was one of those teenagers, i used to wear studs, black, green and pink hair and tons of black eyeliner, so I happen to have a lot of band shirts...

I have also experimented with the band tee + black/ flower skirt (could be high waisted) and it turned out to look great with the right accesories.
This shirts have not only become a perfect card for daytime but also por partying! combined with the perfected outfit it can become a total hit. You don't believe me? Check this out ....

I created this look, for a relaxed night out with friends, drinks and stuff, nothing too fancy. I choose a white t shirt (mostly to avoid the total black look that would make me look a bit too punk rock) the band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of my favorites of all times, and this is how the night look turned out ...

As for daytime, I combined the same tee with the same clutch, plus a leopard printed scarf used as a headband and some jeans I ripped (DIY soon!) and a jean jacket ...

Hope you enjoyed this post! I 'd love to see your band tees looks and hear your experiences with them, feel free to share =)



ps: Here's a little something for you to get inspired for new band tee looks! ;)

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  2. great post :) love it, and I myself have my own band t-shirts too

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  7. Oh, me encanta la camiseta de los Red Hot, te queda genial con el look que te has montado! Espero que te pases por mi blog. Te sigo en Fashiolista también! xoxo:)